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Lets face it you you’re a man who wants a bracelet right? I mean why else would you be here on You punched it into The Google Machine didn’t you? Oh you didn’t ok you land here by accident ?? We get ya. So now that we’ve established that you WANT a bracelet let us tell you why you NEED a man band!

Your arm needs some attention man, I mean look at it there just hanging off your body like a lonely limb. It’s practically naked, you need to dress that thing up.

Mens Bracelets

Mens Bracelets

Watches tell the time, bracelets tell a story!

What kinda story do you wanna tell?

Do you wanna be Adam that guy that went travelling for a year and came back all bangled up in leather and cord, that guys got stories, wild hair & probably a nice tan.
Be your own Adam tell your own stories with our leather, bead & cord range of mens bracelets.

Or how about Brian the slick city worker with the smart suit and just a hint of a steel slicked round his wrist. Brian’s got style, Brian’s got class, Brian’s probably broke like the rest of us but Brian looks rich as!
Be your own Brian with our range of silver & steel mens bracelets .

Mens Bracelets

Mens Bracelets

Or maybe your Dave the bearded hipster, doin his own individual thing you know like all the other hipsters. Dave’s got edge & Dave’s got his own look and Dave’s most definitelty got a man band on his wrist or maybe 5, cause we all know hipsters love to layer!
Be a Dave with our range of Hispter bracelets.

Or maybe your Jeff the gym buff. You know Jeff he’s got all the muscle and none of the body hair. Jeff in the gym, eating eggs or watching sport 24/7. Jeff ain’t got no time for dressing up but he’s got some funky rubber wrist bands wrappped around those arms.
Be a Jeff go all fit n funked up with our fit range of mens bracelets.

Or maybe your Tim, a little, actually no a-lot scared of mens accessories and a bit afraid to crack out of that safe place you’ve been hiding in forever!
Go for it Tim be your own hero, but do it subtely with our range of simple mens bracelets.


Men have worn bracelets forever?? Even prehistoric man wrapped his wrists with bones & shells to ward off evil! For centuries bracelets have been adorned by the manliest of men. Bracelets are a symbol of wealth, status & power and in many cases down right good taste & impecable style!

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